13 June 2007




Location: Houston Zoo

Date: 10 February 2007

Camera: Canon Powershot A410

Ode To Sadness

by Pablo Neruda

Sadness, scarabwith seven crippled feet,spiderweb egg,scramble-brained rat,bitch’s skeleton.No entry here.Don’t come in.Go away.Go backsouth with your umbrella,go backnorth with your serpent’s teeth.A poet lives here.No sadness maycross this threshold.Through these windowscomes the breath of the world,fresh red roses,flags embroidered withthe victories of the people.No.No entry.Flapyour bat’s wings,I will trample the feathersthat fall from your mantle,I will sweep the bits and piecesof your carcass tothe four corners of the wind,I will wring your neck,I will stitch your eyelids shut,I will sew your shroud,sadness, and bury your rodent bonesbeneath the springtime of an apple tree.


One Response to “Sadness”

  1. This is my first play with Photoshop on the Mac. For years I have had so much fun tinkering with my beloved Toshiba bearing another beloved and friendly MGI Photosuite. I have semi-retired the latter ones on my desk for now.

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