17 January 2007

Location: Lake Yagumyum, Mt. Talinis, Negros Oriental, PhilippinesDate: September 2004Camera: HP 2.1 MPThis is our first lake stop of two. A friend and I joined a university mountaineering group on an open climb to Mt. Talinis and camp by Lake Nailig. Dead toenails, muddy foot wear , and at least 14 hours of total hiking is so little a price for the breathtaking experience



12 January 2007


Location: Uptown, Cebu City. PhilippinesDate: December 2005Camera: Canon Powershot A410The most wondrous Christmas present I have received during the holidays of this year was a pocket camera. A few days later, I went out and enjoyed it. This is the corner of where I used to live. Manong likes this corner to sit himself. Off and on, I would see him over the years that I lived here. And I thought what a way to test a new camera by capturing my “neighbors”.

The View

12 January 2007


Location: Uptown, Cebu City, PhilippinesDate: November 2005Camera: Nokia 6101 Phone Cam without FlashThis is a view from my window at my old place. It was a rainy day. And this was what I woke up to.

Happy 2007!

2006 for me has gone by like a quick flash. Meaningful, life-changing, exciting, anxious, numb, colorful, happy, and overwhelming all at the same time. The previous year began with a quiet eve with a cousin’s family followed by milestones of professional then of personal natures in the succeeding months and continued on with one adventure after another in the places I visited and revisited until winds have blown my being to another part of the world–a place both very familiar and strange, for a new page in life after all the schooling and again for further schooling most especially about life and choices. This included news of my sister’s recurred cancer along with hopes for her, the entire family, and myself; my first Thanksgiving dinner; celebrating and establishing identity; a waterfall of paperworks; the discipline to tread on some arduous academic journey I am in right now; most of all, of finding love and crossing that threshold. 🙂

Why I blog? I don’t know. I just feel like it. Perhaps I share the same need with the others who share themselves in here. To find connection. To feel some connection. Or perhaps just plainly addicted with the glow of the screen. I do not even see myself as a blogger, mainly because I do not write much. So I thought I’d use these blogsites to post my photos that’s all. And naturally, someone has told me that such is called photoblogging. Happy! 🙂

I took a lot of photographs since I could remember and especially in 2003 when my father exchanged his HP 2.1 MP digital camera (which came with a film clip feature) with my hand-me-down 3rd generation Olympus (??model forgotten) film from my sister. I knew I wanted to share them. So In 2005, I started playing around with these free “create your own” websites after a good friend’s husband enthusiastically shared his own creation with me. I dreamed of posting my photographs, films, and what-have-yous in there. I did not hear of blogs yet back then(?!?). So after I shared my “site” with my brother, he told me about weblogs. No one came to know of those old “sites” except my brother, and 2 friends. But I remembered it to be liberating and enjoyable. I did not have much free time then as I was occupied with many obnoxious necessary activities. Finally, I had time in my hands again to burn and explore with which I discovered more of the world in here–blog sites where I could share my photographs. Simple and sheer joy of the mixes of dream, interest, and technology.

I have the impetus to say that Photography is not really my trade. I do not even have the big gadgets for it. I do not have a dark room for processing, I do not even understand them. My brain is filled with hopeful answers to a lot of multiple choice questions that I am expecting to come my way sometime soon but sadly nothing comes up when asked about angles and perspectives. I make do with whatever comes and I find fun and creativity in this. I call it my lifelong experiment. I am discovering photography like I am discovering myself. Day after day. Year after year. And I love doing it.

And once again, perhaps, as my life and yours continue to evolve as the years add and go on, I would like to celebrate the beginning of my 2007 with these photographs I tinkered with and make them Black and White (occasionally Sepia too!). In remembrance of our lives’ past and in honor of our hopes and presents.

The first attempts would all be from some digital cameras I was able to play with.

All processed in my dear old Toshiba.

All the best!



header photo above: by Gerry