Happy Birthday, Gerry!

22 August 2007


My husband, Gerry celebrates his birthday today! It is his first experience with the maƱanita (i.e. It is a Filipino birthday tradition where friends and/or family surprise the celebrator with songs and greetings at either midnight or dawn of his/her birthday.), however uniquely. Also probably his first in having a midnight phone call from extended family well wishers and an e-mail greeting in the Filipino language. Have a beautiful day ahead, sweetheart!



Doug Killgore‘s Fall 2007 Documentary Film Class at Rice University has opened. Thanks for the mention, Doug!

Happy Birthday, Den!

3 August 2007


My greetings are late. Cheers to you Den!!!

ps: My friends — Marj and Den are soon to be married. And this photograph was stolen from their beautiful wedding website with Marj’s consent.

Schmap 3rd Edition

23 July 2007



It’s official! One of my photographs of Brazos Bend State Park, The Road To Now, is in the

Third Edition of the Schmap Houston Guide.

Click on the photo below to know more about Schmap. Or, click here to know more about Houston.

The details about this particular photograph can be reached once there by clicking Sights & Attractions under Directory, Reviews & Photos. And once more when you’re there, click Lakes, Rivers & Beaches and you can see your guide through Brazos Bend State Park.

Care for this particular widget?



16 July 2007



Location: Houston, Texas

Date: 14 April 2007

Camera: Canon Powershot A410

After we toiled for our films, we all got together for a party, of course–to show and perhaps soft critique our films. These are some of those in Doug Killgore‘s Rice University Documentary Film Spring Class. What Is Your Passion? using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

schmap1.jpgOne of the photographs on Timeless Boulevard and Flickr has been chosen for consideration to be included in

the 3rd Edition of the Worldwide Travel Guide, Schmap.

Thanks to Luke Ritchie.


And Then The Epitaph

12 July 2007

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

After the obituary test below, compulsively, I filled out the epitaph portion. Okay, I have an odd sense of humor…;-)

Deaths and Grimaces

12 July 2007

‘What will your obituary say?’ at QuizGalaxy.co

I just visited Chong‘s page. His blog is my last read for the day. I was sure glad to drop by. ;-P

After The Waves

12 July 2007


Location: Minute Maid Park: Houston, Texas

Date: 8 July 2007

Camera: Canon Digital Rebel

One of the few times I’ve tried my hand on a “big” camera. The seats here have just been folded and kept quiet now after the awesome 8-3 on a Sunday afternoon. Houston Astros beat the New York Mets. [See Chris Burke‘s (#2) home run run here.]

Happy Birthday!

10 July 2007




Location: Kim Son Downtown: Houston, Texas

Date: July 2007

Camera: Canon Powershot A410

My brother celebrates his birthday. This was his birthday dinner right before we all headed off to Hermann Park for the 4th of July fireworks.